Donnerstag, 29. Juli 2010

OFFICIAL confirmed!! "Two More Lonely People" is the second single off 'Can't Be Tamed'

Das Geheimnis wurde gelüftet: "Two More Lonely People" wird nach "Can't Be Tamed" die neue Single von Miley Cyrus werden. In den USA steht der Release der Single kurz bevor, in Deutschland müssen wir uns leider noch etwas gedulden.
"Can´t Be Tamed" 2. Single:
Miley Cyrus - Two More Lonly People
Release date: coming soon!

'Two More Lonely People' is the second single off Miley Cyrus' recently released album 'Can't Be Tamed.' Driven by hypnotic, heart-throbbing dance beats, Miley pleads to not let a relationship dwindle, stating that they've got "somethin' special, that should be enough" to not "give up the fight." The second half of the chorus even has a familiar, melodic descend that takes us back to the '80s when Starship pleaded a similar fight-for-love sequence in 'Nothing's Going to Stop Us Now.'

'Two More Lonely People' fits nicely in an album full of dance-pop, Gaga-inspired numbers, all about breaking away from constraints and expectations -- which parallels struggles Miley's encountered in her own life.

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