Mittwoch, 28. Juli 2010

MirandaBuzz: Just finished soundcheck and met Kris Allen! He's such a nice guy :)
23.07.2010 21:56:37 via Twitter for iPhone

Come to the Cannery Ballroom in Nashville tonight @ 7 if you
wanna see me and Kris Allen perform for the i106 Flood Relief Benefit Concert!
23.07.2010 21:44:37 via Twitter for iPhone

Rehearsal with the band for the show tomorrow with Kris Allen!
Can't wait to meet you guys! I'm so pumped for the show :)
23.07.2010 05:00:14 via Twitter for iPhone

Back at the airport! Goin to Nashville for the first time ever!
22.07.2010 20:51:02 via Twitter for iPhone

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