Samstag, 13. November 2010

Miley & Tish outside of a Hotel in Manhattan Hotel_Nov 12 & Miley leaves NYC on Nov 13, 2010

About these last pics oceanup wrote:
"Miley Cyrus & Mommy Tish checking out of a Manhattan hotel.
When Miley saw the paparazzi, she ordered Tish to cover her face with a shopping bag. Tish is in the midst of family scandal after her alleged affair w/ Bret Michaels. Thank GOD Miley is giving Tish support!"
Not sure if this is the reason why Tish hid her face though, I think celebs usually hide their face so paparazzi stop taking pictures of them so they could go to their work or so the flashing cameras won't blind them :( But in one thing OU is right: its nice from Miley that she tries to help her mom and I'm sure her father also, in this tough situation! We're wishing all of the Cyrus family loads of strength and happiness for the future! And of course: respectful paparazzi! ;)

Here's a spotting of Miley at New York's airport:

On Saturday 13th November 2010, @juliafaye_ said:
"JFK airport Miley Cyrus & her mom on my flight tonight. I'm getting on plane.. they're talking to each other & staring at me. Felt sorta strange till she's smiles & says compliment ever. Lit me up. Thx 4 that :) "

As I told ya earlier Miley and her mom probably met up in New York(her mom was in Nashville as I heard) after Miley's little "tour" possibly to do a big shopping and we also figured out thanks to @MileyLiamLove that Miley got her hair extensions cared for & darkened at Gemini Salon in NYC, probably for "So Undercover!". Now here's the other reason why she left New York: probably to say happy birthday to her make-up artist, Denika! ;)

Credit:, @ozmileysupport

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