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Miley's New "Get Ur Good On" Blog: Thank You!!

Miley's New "Get Ur Good On" Blog
Thank You!!!!
Posted by Miley Cyrus on August 24, 2010 at 11:48am View Miley Cyrus's blog
GetUrGoodOn.org passed the 15,000 member mark yesterday!!! I want to thank you SO SO much for joining the site and sharing your stories of how you’re changing the world.
Everything you guys do to make a difference is inspiring to me and young people across the world. I want to see more great blogs, pictures, and videos from everyone; keep getting your good on!
Xoxooxo Miley
400,00 Amerikanische Dollar = 317,18 Euro

geturgoodon: This "Peace" sweater is the most popular item in Miley's auction: http://bit.ly/9RR8tF. I think I've seen a pic of her in it. Have u guys?
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geturgoodon: As of right now, there is only 1 more day & 7 hours left to bid on items in Miley's auction to benefit... http://fb.me/wbR5T8iH
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geturgoodon: Thx for RTing Miley's blog post! @MileyCyrusTour @TeamCyrus @DisneyStarHQ @smileycelly
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geturgoodon: Miley posted a new blog! She's excited about having 15,000 registered users on GetUrGoodOn.org too:... http://fb.me/DoH4LMho
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