Freitag, 20. August 2010

H★M @ The Top 5 American TV-Shows to Watch

★Glee: Since its original run, Glee has become incredibly popular in America. This is most certainly an American TV show which is somewhat offbeat. It’s all about the idea of a Glee club in McKinley High. So this is an interesting assortment of school musical shows with a group of motley teenagers who struggle to cope with their personal life along with their musical career.
★Desperate Housewives: Who wouldn’t want to watch some of the hottest middle aged women on television raising the heat and the drama factor. Catch Tery Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Felcitiy Huffman and Marcia Cross in their very best in one of the most watched America’s TV shows.
★House: Dr.Gregory House and his skepticism about everything combined with black humor is exactly what House is made up of. You will be hooked onto witty repartees, controversial episodes and a lot more from this somewhat unique and quirky doctor.
★Lost: The longest running pilot on television. If you aren’t already lost in the maze of complicated episodes in this series then you definitely need to give it a watch merely for the thrill factor.
★Hannah Montana: Everyone’s favorite Miley Cyrus on television is a popular pick when it comes to teenagers who love watching the popstar in reel life.


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