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Bela Klentze: Miley's german ex boyfriend?

Bela Klentze "Ich war Miley's deutscher Boyfriend!" Punkt 12 Bericht vom 20.04.2011

Bela Klentze, who is claiming to be Mileys’ ex-boyfriend is a German actor. He is 22 years-old and he says she first wanted to hook-him up with Emily Osment. Do you believe him? Be sure to check out the video above. Also be sure to check out the interview below. Thanks

Bela: “I was Miley’s german boyfriend”
She is America’s supergirl. He is a newcomer in the german soap “Unter uns”. There are worlds between Miley Cyrus (18) and Bela Klentze (22) but still they are connected by a special love story. “We met in 2007 – and fell in love”, claims the german actor in an exclusive interview with BRAVO magazine. “It happened at the Disney Channel Games”. Actors from all over the world meet at the summer camp and compete in funny games. Bela was there as an actor for the german sitcom “Disney’s kurze Pause”. He remembers: Miley and I were in the same team. At lunch she came up and talked to me . . .”

What did she say?
Bela: She asked me if I liked her friend Emily Osment – she wanted to hook me up with her. I answered that she’s not my type. Then Miley asked me: So, who do you like? And I said: you!

Did she respond?
Bela: Yes. We flirted and later we were holding hands.

Nothing more?
Bela: We met in our hotel. And we kissed in the pool at night. I heard there were photos of that too, but I never saw them, because Diney wanted to hide those pictures.

Have you been her first boyfriend?
Bela: She told me, that one of the Jonas brothers was her ex-boyfriend.

Bela: No. That was later. She was talking about Joe! But maybe she was lying.

How long have you been with Miley?
Bela: Only one week. Then I needed to go back to Germany. I still can remember, when we said goodbye.

Tell us!
Bela: It was early in the morning. I knocked on her hotel-room and her mom Tish opened. She turned around and said: “Miley! Go outside. Bela is here!” Miley brushed her teeth – so sweet. Then we walked through the hotel one last time and kissed goodbye. When I was on the plane I cried. I really had a crush on her.

And then?
Bela: We stayed in contact and untill today we write each other mails or call each other. The next time I met her in October 2008 in Berlin. I was at her concert and after that we drove to her hotel, the Ritz Carlton. She had a big room on the top floor and we ate burgers. That day her mom told me, that Miley also cried when I had to leave the camp. Miley was a little bit embarrassed about that.

Do you guys still have feelings for each other?
Bela: We flirt, when we meet. But we both know that we can’t be in a relationship because of the distance between us. We are friends.

How is Miley as a friend?
Bela: Miley is a very sweet person. She was the first who wished me happy new year on new years eve. she is nothing like the big star when you meet her in private. she never talks about her job. She’s really good to talk to.

What are you guys talking about?
Bela: About everything. Also about our relationships. She was talking a lot about her ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston. We help each other in love-questions and exchange experiences. And I tought her german. Last time she wrote me “I Love You” in german and asked me if I remember, her teaching that. Sweet, huh?

Sure! When was the last time you met?
Bela: April 2009 when she was in Munich for the premiere of the “Hannah Montana” movie. She invited me to dinner to the hotel Bayrischer Hof.

What’s the sweetest thing she did for you?
Bela: Hm… I love it when she says things like “I will never forget you” or “I miss you”. She is living such a chaotic life, but still she contacts me so regularly. I have the feeling that I’ll be in her heart forever!


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